Every marketer has items that have been put off off for years. Each year that goes by there seems to be new initiatives added to this list. Let’s get that back on track. Let’s move through the low hanging fruit and develop scalable process that allows your audience to better interact with your digital brand.

Each brand has a uniqueness that makes it tick. We’re going to play to those strengths and ensure audiences engaging with your brand is reinforced with this uniqueness throughout the customer journey. We’re going to involve your various functional team (marketing, sales, support, IT, etc) to ensure their inputs are both received and they understand the role they can play to provide better customer experiences.

Minor Pivots. Big Impact. Many organizations as much as 85% optimized. The challenge is getting the other 15%. By making minor pivots, working with your current process, and introducing easy-to-implement marketing communication concepts, we can collaborate to create the marketing communication program you’ve dream of for years.

  • Performance Data
  • Digital Properties / Channels
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Sales Cycles (both time and steps)
  • Your team’s strengths

Better Customer Experiences. Better Work Culture. Those with business authority often feel like their in a sandwich. Their customers are more demanding from a new acquisition and retention standpoint. At the same time, employees are frequently overvaluing themselves and with dependable staffing a challenge. You’re P&Ls are being pinched by your customers and your employees.

Play to your strengths, delegate, automate, and outsource when needed. Hanks & Friends is effective because we’re transparent. We enjoy working with fellow professionals as an extension of your team. We do this because we enjoy transforming marketing capabilities. The industry experience we bring is designed educate and energize how your team thinks about your target audience and marketing communications.