Each day members of your audience is engaging with your brand online. It’s more than just the website that you own. In fact, that’s becoming a smaller part of the equation. As we shift our activity from a desktop / laptop to our mobile phones the way we engage with the brands we love also shifts.

Most marketers have a specialization, or a channel they’ve found success in. When an executive from the V-suite or C-suite looks at performance, often this channel will be leading the way. There’s often other channels lagging. These are low hanging fruit. The challenge is having the time to both put together the strategy to take advantage of this low hanging fruit and have the time to incorporate items in your day-to-day process.

Establishing Your Personas / “Swim Lanes”

While each organizations’ target audience is different you’ll likely find overlap in the below. Spending time here to understand the customer journey around these personas, aka “swim lanes” is essential. It is important to ensure you’re communicating with high value personas and have the ability to communicate different when a person moves from one swim lane to another.

  • Prospects that provided contact information, but have not converted
  • Customers that have converted and need regular messaging for brand loyalty
  • Customers you are looking to upsell, or purchase again

The three scenarios above are very different audiences. Not only is it important as marketers to have marketing communications tailored to your personas, it is important that other departments in your organization such as sales, and support, also have access to understand the person’s relationship with the brand.