The best qualified folks to write about your brand are not at a third party agency, they are in-house. The challenge while these individuals are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), they are also typically very busy. This is where education, culture, and collaboration is going to come into play.

The Hanks & Friends approach is to simplify the process for a Subject Matter Expert to document his/her thoughts. It’s our job to take those thoughts and turn it into content that can be repurposed in a multi-channel marketing landscape. By illustrating to your SMEs that they are not only the best equipped to pen some thoughts that their work will help the company achieve its goals quicker will make the contribution process much easier.

Convert Your SMEs to Marketers:

This is marketing nirvana. If we do our job well, not only will your SMEs be willing to contribute new content, they will be coming to you with ideas. It could be as simple as a communication drip campaign leading up to a tradeshow, to how to talk about an emerging industry trend that no one else is discussing. These can become pages on your website, blog entries, email newsletters, LinkedIn articles, social media posts, etc.

From “Jack of All Trades” to Quarterback:

Today marketing touches almost every department from a user experience standpoint. Marketing departments have been staffed to do it all, and often do it alone. By empowering the organization to think like marketers, you’ll transition from a tactical “Jack of all trades” to a quarterback strategically leading your brand down the field. These newly deputized marketers are going to be great teammates that over the course of several months will help you transform how your target audiences engages with your brand in digital.

Let’s whiteboard your digital strategy!