IBM Blog On Millennial Email Marketing Trends Featuring Keith Hanks

Recently IBM Marketing Cloud launched their THINK Marketing Blog. Keith Hanks had an opportunity to contribute on the topic of shifting millennial views on email marketing. View the full post at The long-foretold age of the millennial has finally arrived. With 50 million people born after 1980, they are now officially the largest generation in the

Marketing Automation doesn’t have to be B2B !!

As marketers we’re conditioned to think of B2B vs B2C. That segmentation often works, but not always. Consider how a marketing would focus on the following business cases: a lawn care company focused on new homeowner signups a cancer treatment facility focused on setting appointments with doctors Think B2B, but don’t forget B2C Lead Generation

The 5 Minute Email Marketing Audit

You can do a lot in 5 minutes. In fact, it’ll take you just as long to read this article as to do and actual email marketing audit. Ready? Let’s get to work! URL (brand): what is the brand URL you are auditing (some brands may have multiple brands, including related companies and rebranding efforts)

Importance of Email Deliverability

When marketers think of boosting ROI in their email channel, most initially are drawn to increasing the frequency of email. It’s a natural instinct that has roots in traditional marketing… more impressions / touches should equal more revenue. Right? Maybe. From a 101 standpoint a few initial considerations, each with escalating difficulty.: List Size /