The 5 Minute Email Marketing Audit

You can do a lot in 5 minutes. In fact, it’ll take you just as long to read this article as to do and actual email marketing audit. Ready? Let’s get to work!

URL (brand): what is the brand URL you are auditing (some brands may have multiple brands, including related companies and rebranding efforts)

Email Marketing From Address & Reply to Address): when the campaign sends you an email, what’s the email address? Depending on the ESP, email authentication, and branding preferences this may align with the URL’s brand, could be a sub domain of the brand, or might be a semi-branded domain provided by the ESP.

List Acquisition: Visit the brand’s website (on desktop and mobile). How easy can you subscribe to an email newsletter? Can you subscribe? If yes, can you set preferences for the types of communication you’re interested in? If list acquisition is an active component you’ll likely find a widget one the homepage or side nav structure. You may also observe a light box (pop up box), or option on a contact us form.

User Experience: Open a historical email you have from the brand. Skim it. Put yourself in the shoes of a multi-tasking individual and look for obvious themes, calls to actions, buttons, etc. Is the email memorable? Is it actionable? For e-comm websites consider going to the website, adding something to your cart, and exiting. More advanced, be on the lookout for an abandonment follow up communication within the next 24-48 hours.

Social Media Alignment: Visit the brand social media pages. If Facebook exists, look for a form integration to opt into the email program via Facebook. Doing so this way can provide the marketer with additional profile details that might not be captured on a traditional opt-in form.

Tracking Code: Several third party groups exist that can help understand the technology, coding, and vendors being used by a brand’s website. Typing a brand website into can save time and provide a high level baseline to build on.



Audit Welcome Series Automation / Auto-Responder: It’ll take longer than a few minutes. Other examples of user experience can include initial list subscription (awaiting to see if there is an instant welcome email, or ideally, a series of emails welcoming you to the brand’s email program over the course of days + weeks). Any signs of automation here is a likely sign that an initial storyboard is in place and active.