The Next Chapter. My 2016 Resolution

After > 8 years and 200+ clients in digital marketing I’ve realized a few themes:

  • You WILL work with a bad marketing partner at some point (it’s a numbers game)
  • There are TOO MANY things that keep you up at night
  • Most marketers are a few years BEHIND implementing the latest and greatest they read about on LinkedIn. Often this can be resolved with pivot and a few months of project focus.

Why We Love Marketing? The marketing of today allows us to play to our creative side, while using analytical skills to seek improvements. Marketing done right is fun and it is effective. The feeling of whiteboarding a new idea, implementing it into a campaign, and watching an organization grow is exhilarating.

What Holds Us Back As Marketers? Point blank answer, we hold ourselves back. The marketing industry, like so many, is changing quick. The role of the CMO continues to become more powerful, there now is a tremendous opportunity for marketing departments to take a more active leadership role in an organization’s strategy.

What We Can Do? We need to continue to keep ahead of new marketing capabilities and automate day-to-day items when possible. We need to play to our strengths of the resources we have available. Phrases like “big data” and “customer journeys” are both buzzwords and the path forward.

What’s Next for Hanks & Friends? We’re bringing inclusive exclusivity to organizations. This year H&F will celebrate 5 years. Marketing has changed greatly in 5 years, but the H&F model hasn’t… work with a limited number of organizations that have a passion to improve, the desire to collaborate as an extension of the team, and pull in the right “friends” from industry contacts to get the job done.

The Resolution: For organizations that want to make pivots in 2016 we want to pivot with you. We’re sitting on a mountain of digital strategy knowledge and there’s a forest of low hanging fruit for most organizations. It’s early January, “Let’s Whiteboard Your Digital Strategy.”